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Thenjiwe is one of the most highly recognised and popular South African stand up comedians on the road today. The lawyer turned comedian has performed to audiences around the world including Vietnam, Thailand, The Philippines and cities in Australia, Europe, North America and Africa. With six comedy specials and two popular South African sitcoms that she wrote, produced and starred in, Judge Thenjiwe Khambule and Meet the Khambules; she is the Queen of African Comedy.

She has three YouTube channels with over 180000 subs and over 40 million views.

Thenjiwe's debut to the London scene has seen her win the King Gong Comedy at the Comedy Store and The Black Out at Up The Creek. She recently did her one hour show at the Leicester Square Theatre in London where she got a standing ovation. Thenjiwe has established herself as a prominent figure in the comedy scene. She has graced the stages of major comedy clubs such as The Comedy Store and Top Secret Comedy Club, delivering performances that leave audiences in stitches. Her charismatic stage presence and clever punchlines have earned her a loyal following. 

She has acted and starred in many television shows including Imbewu, The Road and Harvest; and appears in the films 10 Days in Sun City, Accidental Spy, Uncovered (all available on Netflix) and various Mzansi Magic Movies.


She has a combined social media following of over a million and a half and in 2022 was awarded an honorary Doctorate degree for her community services. 

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